(First Edit) Cessna Citation X Cockpit Edit

Hey, I just finished my first quick edit on an Infinite Flight Cessna Citation X Cockpit! In the future I’m hoping to make more of these edits. Please let me know your opinion on how it looks and what I can add!


That’s so realistic. I just can’t believe my eyes. It looks like it’s from real life but not. I give you 43/43 IGN rating and 5 star rating on Yelp. How did you do this wizard? What was used in the making of this? Bravo mack and I’ll give my hats off to you for this.


Thanks! Maybe I’ll reveal what I used later ;)

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Ok then but someone needs to frame this up.

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Good job!! Are you going to do anymore?

@Narroc_Wim this should answer your question. ;)

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(humorously questions) How…did…you…do…that…?

It looks easy… I can easily make that on GIMP. Just delete the scenery through the windows and make them transparent. Then insert a picture of a runway and put it behind the cockpit to make it look like it’s in front of the plane. :). Then make some contrast and saturation edits and bravo!


Kudos to the edit. It looks great!

Imagine that’s how IF looked with no lag… 😍


That would be amazing!

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or just mask that selection in photoshop
never used gimp before
is it good?

Awesome edit 👍 😉

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks, it was pretty easy so I’ll work on trying to create more advanced edits in the future!

Not user friendly until you do some research. As soon as you get used to it, you can make a major edit in like 10 mins.

Even my profile picture took me 30 mins lol.

Are you secretly the worlds best graphic editor, or is this a photo? 10/10 work

Thanks, hopefully I’ll make more in the future!

There is a particular word for people like you but I’ve forgotten, the people who think they know everything, that’s how you are. Instead of saying well done to the person who did the thing, you’re saying some nonsense I wouldn’t like to hear.