First Delta Flight Soon!

Got your boarding pass? The first official flights of DVA are happening soon.

DVA118 : FFL > TPA : DELAYED until tomorrow, 1400z
DVA338. : MIA > TPA : Boarding tomorrow 1500z
DVA121/AZA14 : LAX > SAN : Arrived at SAN
DVA1233 : AMS > DUS : Arrived at DUS

Book your flight here at our website
Once you book, we will send you a boarding pass, confirming that we will do your flight.


Make an alliance with Qantas Virtual Airways, I’m sure they’d give you some help!


Sure I’ll contact them after everything is confirmed.

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What about a virtual airline? I think that would be alright.

I agree with EdT, a now defunct United Virtual was part of Oneworld.

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I’m gonna Bump

How do I join? Is there a different thread for that?

BTW what does “book a flight” really mean?

Go to our website, virtual
And click careers.

Book a flight means that you can become a virtual passenger. If you book a flight we will give a flight number and tim it will be completed so you can track it on on live flight or a similar system.

Can I get one of my pilots to do the Amsterdam to Düsseldorf flight for me, the aircraft will be a 747-400 (Delta Livery)

1530z is not 5:30pm in Florida.

Z time based of of CST