First debate about Infinite Flight: New ideas ✈️✈️

Help with some cool ideas even thought I don’t run infinte flight lol 😜

Moving instruments so the instruments tell you what altitude you are blah blah blah. And more PIA liverys :D


True man and I would love Apr on every plane 😏

To be honest APPR is good to have but landing it by hand is the best

I think you can guess, look at my profile pic (hint hint)

Debate* The DC-10 would be cool

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Now that’s arguable

No more new ideas, let us help fix what they have now. My biggest issue is slow the flaps down especially on the 757 and 767, also give those cockpits the same attention that the 737 and A320 have. Maybe add realistic engine sounds to those of their respective manufacturers, another one would be fuel consumption I see bigger maps regions mentioned a lot but really what’s the point when there is no fuel burn? By no means is this a gripe or complaint as much as it is ideas to help make this a better app/simulator I know nothing about technology and still use a flip phone but I can imagine how hard it is to create something like this.

I play also AeroFly and X-Plane10 and the only thing those apps/simulators have on IF is terminal buildings and gates along with working cockpits…which are really cool but when you compare it to all that is offered here IF is in a league of its own. There also seems to be interaction between the developers here as it is non existent on the other two, and the updates and new plane releases take an eternity.

I like this app and I want to see it become much greater than it already is now, but in my opinion, which is exactly that just my opinion we should all help polish what there is now to make it even more better simulator.


Oh yeah cool

We should really be working on enforcing the rules on playground, maybe prevent people from landing on the wrong end of the runway?


Didn’t think of that

Well, that’s what we’re all here for 🙂

Ha ha ha true

“Max Sez”. Ryan who is 10 (Bio) has a brain storm and rolls out an inspiration.
And all the peanuts chime in. Ya got ideas use “Features” with your inspirations! Flesh them out, write a cohesive topic so someone in FDS can evaluate and add it to the wish list if it meets the criteria. Be a Pro, follow Forum Rules don’t be a follower, be a Leader not a Peanut. End

(So far this topic has acrewed 17 Peanuts… Congratulations Peanuts!)


What I said has already been mentioned… (IF Air Patrol)

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