First Day on the Job- Working the Ramp

Hello IFC. It has been a while since I made any sort so topic but I thought I would make this topic to tell everyone my first day working the ramp at my airline. As many of you know, or don’t, I started working for a particular airline at my local Class C airport, Little Rock National Airport, Adams Field or KLIT. So, lets get it started.

I woke up at around 6:50 am to get ready to leave my house by 7:15 am. I ate a quick breakfast of toast and apple juice and got dressed. After that, I went to car drove 40 minutes to the airport. I got to the airport around 7:55 am so I just sat in my car and took a 30 minute or so nap until 8:30 am. At that time, I went to our super secret offices and chilled until 5 minutes before the hour and clocked in. After clocking in for my 9-2 shift, I went to my duty stations, the bag room. If you don’t know what the bag room is, its where all the bags go once you check them and they get sorted onto carts and then the airplane.

Once I got to the bag room, my trainer showed be the ways and taught me how to scan and load bags. It’s not rocket science so I had no trouble with it and loading the bags on the carts. My shift had a total of five departures. Only three of the five total departures were on time and one departure was delayed because it was delayed at it’s origin and one flight, a flight to Chicago, was delayed four hours, due to the weather in Chicago. The Chicago bound plane finally departed at 4:45 CST, nearly four hours late.

You might ask, N1RG, I thought you only worked till 2… Well, our company policy states that if a plane comes in on your shift, you stay with that plane until it leaves. So, since that Chicago plane came in on my shift, I had to stay till it left.

I hope everyone enjoys this story of my first day on the job-working the ramp. Please let me know if you guys have any questions.

Please do not ask who I work for, I won’t tell you.


Interesting, so that’s the life of a ramp worker. Cool to know!


Yeah so far. I’ll def give my take on working my first aircraft as a ramper when I do but I’d thought I would share this


Know many rampers that love their job. Really neat to be working on the ground.
Hope u will rlly like it!

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Nice. I have quite a few friends who work the ramp and they got me into it

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