First day of flight school

Today was my first day starting at flight school and 2 of the list of thing we had to go over was what’s a stall and spin and how to recover from a stall and spin. I did learn so some valuable information but I felt it was a little bit random and we didn’t even have our first flight yet. What’s your opinion?

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No it isn’t. It’s actually good thing!


My first lesson I watched the instructor do a stall. But I did fly the plane for a bit.

On my first lesson i had a ‘taster flight’ where I simply just flew the aircraft and my instructor took off and landed. He showed me the instruments inside the cockpit and how to read them.

Stalling is crucial as on your first flight, you could accidentally stall it! Or the instructor may stall it for you and you have to practice recovering

I’m from America

Are you doing Ground School because that is more information and you don’t do as much flying if not any?

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Yeah I had ground school

Take a look at this! It may help you Pilot Training Advice. What I Know - #12 by Jack_Q

At my flight school once I graduated high school I will have a job as flight instructor and when I get my 1500 I go straight into Piedmont airlines to become a first officer

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