First Day at LEBL

Yesterday, 11 of October, for the first time ever in my life, I was going plane spotting to my home airport. It was very amazing watching planes at that distance in front of me.

Ok enough talking lets start with the photos

First of, a Vueling A320 coming from Alicante (Btw expect a lot of Vueling’s A320)

A Lufthansa A320 heading to Hamburg

A Iberia A320 heading to Madrid

A Ryanair 738 coming from Palma de Mallorca

A small 737 of KLM (idk where was going tbh, srry)

Another Vueling A320 coming from Granada

And finally, my favourite of the day, a Emirates 777-300ER coming from Mexico City to do a stop for refueling before going for Dubai, his final destination.

That was my first spotting session ever so the photo quality maybe is a little bad but next week im going another time so i will upload another topic

Thx for watching this topic, every reply is appreciated.


Wow! Very nice photos! Perhaps try editing them a a bit? Like cropping the unnecessary bits?
As an example:


Thx replying, no offence but I really prefer how my photo is done, as you can see the photo zooming in the plane is really bad quality


I think it is fair to guess that it was going to Amsterdam, lol

Nice pictures!


Woohoo! ¡Si mi amigo! (I haven’t been there for almost a year but I tried) Barcelona is the place to be. Try spotting here as you get some great overhead shots:

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Yeah ik this place but the plane were landing in the other runway and I found the place where I was spotting with a lot of people as you can see in the photos

Due to the covid runway 25R is not active. This spot area is dead now. Only 25L, 07R and 02 are in use.

Nice photos @El_YuainXD. I’m from BCN too😉

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:(. That when COVID "didn’t exist back in Jul 2019


I’m loving that first Vueling! Looks like you got a good spotting area as well.

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