First Dash 8 Q400 Flight @ KSFO - 122100ZMAR16

@grxninesix ^^^

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I reserved gate F84 :)

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So, this is tomorrow?

Yes, it’s at 2100Z

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@Bylrret @CaptainDawud gates already reserved Please check my wiki post

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I will be Philippine 400

Can I have a gate reserved

Can I spawn at gate A4?

Callsign:TestFlight 784 livery: Pal express

Qantas link - Test Flight 534
Asign: E61

OMG is 4am my time… Sorry can’t come

4:00pm for me 😏

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can I get F77A? QantasLink-test flight 81

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Can i get F75 with the United Express?Callsign: Test Flight 645

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Well, I will like gate F72

The wiki can’t be changed anymore. Can only mention 10 users

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Is the flight at 1700Z or 2100Z?

2100 Zulu Time


Aircraft: Dash q400

Airline Bombardier: (HC)

CallSign: TWALF1

Gate: A11A

THIS WILL be on YouTube!