First Cross Country flight from Hampton airfield to Berlin, NH (BML)!

I’m so happy I finally got the chance to experience a full fledged Cross Country flight today, and my very first ever XC flight!

Hey everyone!
Today, August 1, 2021, I completed my first ever Cross Country flight!
This was literally planning done for months. I’m technically not supposed to do a XC flight (Not enough Hours and Experience), but my instructor is super awesome and loves to travel, so he decided to help me plan this XC with me!

I brought along a Coworker as well so we can all have fun together.
We all know each other and my Instructor is the greatest friend ever, met him when We both worked for the FBO we’re at and we always talk about flying and when we’ll fly again.

This XC was put into place about two weeks ago, and our block was 5 hours, unfortunately not too long, but enough for a quick in and out.

Cross Country: Weather Concerns/Airport notified

The weather up at KBML called for VFR with ceilings from 5,000ft AGL, with scattered showers in the vicinity of the airport. This was our only concern, but we gave this XC a green light and proceeded to pack up and begin flying!
I called the airport and informed them that we will be en route to the airport in Milan, NH as a heads up

The Cross Country: Picking up the passenger from PSM

Our cross country didn’t officially start until we departed from PSM. We flew from 7B3 to PSM, which took only 2-6mins and then we briefed my coworker on safety and all the important stuff

We arrived at Port City Air
After all the briefing and other things, we then departed to Berlin, NH. This flight would take us 53 minutes from Wheels up to Wheels down.

Leg 1: PSM → BML (1320 departure)

We picked up my coworker and departed for Berlin Regional Airport.
The flight was actually very smooth and uneventful, just clouds we had to avoid along the way. The skies were hazy, but conditions were VFR overall.
I did the takeoff, Climb, and cruise for the majority of the flight, and my instructor did the landing at BML.

There at the airport, my family and friends waited for us and we then went for a quick lunch before departing back to Portsmouth, NH.

We initially cruised at 6,500, but later descended to 4,500, and finally 5,500 to fly below the clouds as we approached BML. This was also for Terrain avoidance, as the area around BML was hilly and mountainous.

Cruising at 6,500ft

Cloudy Skies

Berlin, New Hampshire

Arrival into BML and met with family and friends

Leg 2: KBML → KPSM → 7B3

After our lunch, we headed to the airport. Conditions were still VFR with showers, which isn’t bad, but a system was moving in quick, so we had to depart soon.
We got did a quick walk around, fuel measurements, and all the important stuff, and then began our journey back to PSM to drop my coworker off for her late night shift
As we departed, the rain had just started, but we managed to make it out on time before the rain actually hit the airport. Conditions were still VFR at that time, and later changed to IFR as we were about 10-15 minutes away from BML. We departed from BML at 1615.

Prior to departing, we were discussing whether we would wait out the storm or not, and we decided to depart, as it wasn’t bad enough to warrant us to wait another 20 minutes before departing

We climbed to 5,500 and did our Flight Following all the way to PSM, I did the cruise for this segment of the flight.
I asked my instructor if I could do some IFR training, and he handed me a pair of Foggles and guided me through on how to use the instruments during flight (Don’t worry this is actually required for me to do this, so it was a perfect opportunity to do this as we went to PSM) . I did about 0.6hrs of IFR training during the flight, and my brain was melting the entire time as I fought my senses and relied on the instruments.

At 1718, we arrived back into Portsmouth to let our coworker off, and then we departed back for Hampton Airfield to drop the plane off.

Wet plane

A Dassault Falcon 900EX at BML

Backtaxiing Runway 18

I apologize I did not take many pictures, especially during the return, because I just wanted to take it all in during the flight, and enjoy as much as I can during the flight, and was also concentrating on flying as well.

My instructor had a lot of fun flying, and wants me to do more XC with him on his days off so we can continue to fly together and have fun

Overall, I had a great time today, and logged 3.1 hours of flight time and 0.6hrs of IFR flight time as well! I would definitely do another XC again!

Check out the flights here:


Congrats dude! Seems like you had a lot of fun
Was it your first cross country flight?

As noted in the post, yes, this was my first XC ever.
And I did have fun!

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yea i realised that after and hoped you wouldnt notice XD
also was your familly impressd with your flying skills?

Do you have your license? This just makes it seem a little clickbaited. If you do, why does your instructor not let you do x-countries? As long as you meet all the PPL requirements in the FARs and pass a check ride then you are good to go.

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I’m a student pilot, I don’t have the hours or proper experience yet to do a Cross Country on my own

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Congratulations!!! Well done 👍👍

Awesome stuff!

You do realize you can’t carry passengers as a student pilot right? At least not solo. Have to have an instructor onboard…

Unless the FAA changes the requirements that I am unaware of

No, my instructor was on board, which is why we were able to carry PAX. I did not fly alone, and yes I can’t carry a passenger on my own

This was planning done for months now, and I was able to execute it.

I did this XC because I wanted to mainly travel, and take a nice break from traditional training.

A student pilot can carry a passenger as long as there is a qualified pilot or Flight Instructor on board. I asked this many times at my flight school and they always told me yes

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When a Student solos cross country, then we are not allowed to carry PAX on board for liability reasons

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Right. For some reason it just made it sound like you went alone alone.

Oh no, I guess i worded it wrong, no we had an experienced pilot on board at all times. In fact, we both love to travel, so we will do more XC’s together if time allows until I do my solo XC.

My instructor enjoys traveling, so he enjoyed the trip up to BML

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