First contact with App/ Dep

The transition from Twr to App/ Dep after take off is very clunky and wastes time on a busy server. For example, I had entered a flight plan from Schipol to Brussells then on to another airport then return to Schipol (advanced server) in an A380. After takeoff I call up App. The options are:
Request ILS App (unrealistic + no option displayed for Brussels)
Request Radar vectors ( again, no option for destination displayed)
Request FF / VFR - not appropriate for my flight
Check in - this seems the most obvious and realistic choice. Not sure if it’s the same worldwide but here, the departure procedure goes like this:
Twr: xxx contact Departures (on freq xxx.x)
Pilot: Departures, xxx passing thru xxx ft on climb to xxx ft.
Dep: xxx, ( turn x hdg xxx) climb & maintain xxx ft
The controller knows my intentions already so its quick and precise.

On the server, the standard reply to ‘with you’ is ’ state intentions’. The controller already knows my intentions because he can see my flight plan. It just wastes time having to go through the obvious.

Hope some changes can be made to this aspect of ATC.


Totally agree with you.

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Agreed - but just in regards to you not being able to select ILS or Vectors After that first leg - it’s because your flight plan ended back where you started - you have to just create half your flight plan, ie ending it at your first destination. Then once you’ve landed, complete the second leg of your flight plan and keep going. Easy, but somewhat annoying, workaround.

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Don’t think I’ve seen or noticed that? I only seem to get the option for ILS / Vectors to the airfield that is at the end of my flight plan…?

In saying that, I usually always just pick flight following - I know it’s not realistic in commercial aircraft - but I’m sick off approach controllers going offline halfway through vectoring me and I’ve gotta keep checking their online actually controlling me, or it’s the same controller

Oh - that explains why I wasn’t getting the options I needed - thanks.
Still - if you make a flightplan I think the controller should immediately know your intentions and control accordingly. I know one of the things that makes controlling the App/ Dep frequencies inefficient is the amount of pilots that make a VFR flightplan and dont want to be vectored or controlled at all. The controller doesn’t know this beforehand so has to ask intentions. Would be good if when making a flightplan there was an option for the pilot to choose IFR or VFR ( as in real life) so that the controller knows beforehand - therefore doesnt need to clog up the freq asking for intentions

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Its straight forward indeed if you have a FPL, approach can give you climb and or heading toward your destination. Later on you might be asked for intensions as you need to request for an ILS approach otherwise the approach controller can’t clear you for it.

Your point about VFR is very valid, most people don’t know that jets don’t fly VFR and above FL180 VFR traffic is not allowed in class A airspace.

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