First Clear Look At China's Z-20F Seahawk Helicopter Clone

Does this look familiar? 🤔

China is world-renowned for its ability to steal foreign intellectual property, reverse engineer it, and to quickly produce something similar. In fact, this relationship between espionage, design, and production has helped catapult the People’s Liberation Army into a place where America’s technological superiority is no longer assured. But when it comes to creating a knock-off of America’s legendary Sikorsky H-60 Black Hawk helicopter, China already had dozens of airframes on-hand to examine and even improve upon. You can read all about the Z-20 and China’s experience with the Black Hawk in this past piece of ours. Now, with their standard Z-20 Black Hawk utility helicopter clone already in service, the rapidly expanding People’s Liberation Army Navy is getting its own shipboard model, just like how the U.S. Navy has the Seahawk.

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So while this is based off their 24 Blackhawks the US gave them it’s also a mixture of several combined. When the US lost a top secret Blackhawk in the raid is Usama Bin Laden Chinese officials were given permission to exam the wreckage. Lets go with the difference the Z-20 is a longer and wider, it also has five main rotors instead of the UH60 with four. A more angular tail-to-fuselage joint frame, giving it greater lift, cabin capacity, and endurance. It’s also Fly by wire unlike the Blackhawks. It also uses a much bigger engine until the T-700 series


When I first saw the image on Instagram, I actually thought it was a newer variant of the Blackhawk.

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