First class price/ tickets.

I have a question. When you purchase a ticket for like £500 and when you are at the airport, you go to the counter to give your bags to check the weight and you pick your seat. Will they charge you extra if you pick first class??

Sorry if this question doesn’t make sense.

If you want to fly first class, directly buy or use airlines miles to upgrade. I don’t know how else.


You will have to look this up on the airline’s website. It probably differs between carriers.

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Yes of course! First costs a few thousand pounds!


They’re not exactly going to give you a first class seat unless your prepared to pay for it. Otherwise you pick/get given a seat in your travel class, I’m presuming economy.

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So go to the Apple Store with 60$ for an iPod nano and ask them if they could get you a 1000$ iPad pro for the price of the iPod nano…

if they will do that go to the ticket counter and ask them if they want to give you a 6000$ first class ticket for the price of a 550$ Eco ticket. By the way: they won’t…

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Yes you can ask for upgrades (paid) at the desk. I do this quite a lot with Virgin Atlantic from economy to Premium economy and there are good deals to be had. Especially the evening flights and off season.

Singapore Airlines did me a good deal once too - and I didn’t even ask.
If you dress smart and look like you can afford the upgrade you should get a good deal.

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Surely just check in online and book there and it will give you upgrade price there and if it appears too much go to the airport on the day of your flight and go to customer services and ask. Then you can go to bag drop as a first passenger not economy. By the way where is this

usually can get a cheaper upgrade at the airport. Once was flying with BA, they quoted me £5000 to upgrade from PE when I called on line, but at check in spoke nicely at the desk and it was £650…

not cheap but worth it as it was a 10hr flight!

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