First Choice Boeing 757-200 (No Winglets)

This aircraft and airline is what made me fall in love with aviation! We need this!


I think t just looks ok. There’s others I’d rather have.

I need my winglets to keep me going in the morning but in other word it is an OK livery in my opinion.

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I kind of agree this is an okay livery, it looks best on this 757

We also need the 757 to be updated

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@Deltapilot You are correct! I also dislike how the 777, 767, and 757 share a cockpit.

Not the best livery but looks considerably better on the 757 than the Airbii. I guess I lend my support for this one. Engines, pinkish coloring, and the cheatline look nice


It’s quite an old fashioned look now, I think if they were still around they would have modernised the livery. I still remember seeing these at my local airports all of the time

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Yes-it’s the type that look progressive in 1990, but looks a bit cheesy now. Like the CO Globe


The 757 and 767 have the same cockpit irl so if you were trained for one you could fly both