First Choice Airways A321

First choice airways was founded in 1987 as Air2000, many people know of this airline and it’s livery in particular, is still to this day my absolute favourite, the colours are simply unlike any other airlines.

First choice had 3 A321 aircraft in the fleet and 28 aircraft in total before eventually merging with Thomsonfly to form Thomson which then became TUI. As such the livery is no more but I think it would be a great addition to the flight sim given its shear beauty and heritage in the UK.

If you have a vote to spare, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

I might as well flag the old one.

Interesting request, I’ve never heard of this airline so I’m not gonna vote because I would literally never use it. I just have to say this though, that livery looks like a knock off of America West and Air Tahiti Nui liveries 😂

I’d agree with America West but Air Tahiti Nui was founded after FCA :^)

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Well that’s ironic, I guess I was kinda backwards

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Kinda reminds me of America west. A simple, but well done livery. I really like it, lesser known one too, would be awesome to have this in the sim.

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Lovely request! Miss this livery. Out of votes though!

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I think I recognize this livery from somewhere but I don’t remember where

That is a strange livery

This livery brings back memories 😍