First Captures Of Military Aircraft

Over the last few days, I managed to capture on two occasions, military aircraft on a camera that is very new on the spotting scene: My Canon Rebel T7.

This is a C-5M Super Galaxy out my window, presumably contributing to the global fight against COVID-19. To the airmen up there, a salute to you!

It came as a surprise and a stroke of luck to me, as I never saw this one coming on Plane Finder (I need a better radar. Heheh). Despite the fact that there’s a tree, it almost artistically semi-frames the C-5 and adds to the kinda bland clear sky background, making this one of my best catches so far.

My first snapped fighters happened to be both of our Air Demonstration Squadrons, the Navy’s Blue Angels and the USAF Thunderbirds in one shot, over BWI Airport for the #AmericaStrong flights supporting those on the COVID fight’s frontlines. As mom didn’t choose the main flyover location just to be extra safe, they unfortunately cut off smoke last minute, so the result was not what I expected, but it gave me some relief to finally catch these legends despite a full-on botched Airshow season.

But as it turns out, I went a little high on my shutter, and the Blues in this shot turned out agitatingly dark.


That 2nd photo is sick! The Thunderbirds flew around my hometown of Vegas a few weeks ago. I should create a topic about it!


Definitely. These flyovers are certainly stuff for the eyes.

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These are some nice photos, I never saw a formation flight… ever…
Would be cool to see one one day, hope you had fun and enjoyed the show😊

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The flyovers were insane! You should be glad you were extra safe I kid you not there was so much traffic in Atlanta to see them that some people didn’t even make it to there spots. People stopped in the middle of the highway and got out of there cars to watch

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