First bug?


So, first of all, thanks to the devs for this amazing update.

However, I did have a little issue.
As you can see in the video below, the displays (I don’t know how to call it) are flickering.

I was using an Air Canada A319, and my device is a Huawei P Smart 2019.


Maybe refresh your device?

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No, still there…

As in ‘buy a new one’?

In the past, some of the issues were caused by the upgrade process.
Maybe an idea to remove the IF app and re-install it to see if that fixes it.

Are you using the android battery saver?
And can you try again whilsts using the emui performance mode. Its in the Battery settings.

I have a huawei phone too, so when the update reaches me, ill give it a try and see if i get the same issue.

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I’m not using tha battery saver, I’ll have a look with Performance Mode.

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Yes, I was implying to restart the Infinite Flight app/phone.

Even with Performance Mode it’s flickerening…

@azeeuwnl I’ll re-install it, maybe it will fix it…

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I would reinstall and try it out without using performance mode or battery saver apps.

What are your graphics set to so we can try to reproduce.

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Alright, after re-installing the app it’s not flickering anymore. Sooo, that’s good news!

(My graphics were both on ‘High’)


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