First British A321(P2F)

Late in 2020, i made a topic regarding Qantas gaining the first ever coverted A321Freighter.

Source: ST Engineering/EFW

This aircraft flew from Singapore Seletar to London Stansted via Chennai, Dubai World Central and Hurghada. This aircraft will be deployed on Stansted-Belfast-Stansted either replacing or running along side a Boeing 737-400F.

This aircraft started her life with Airtours International then rebranded to MyTravel which eventually got renamed to Thomas Cook Airlines. She wore G-DHJH throughtout her whole passenger flying carrer. This aircraft was stood at Manchester when TC went into administration where it was then flown down to Lasham for the lessor (BBAM). It was then flown over to Seletar in late December 2019 where she became a freighter.

What do you think? Does the Titan livery look nice om this?


Very nice! I love how Titan’s fleet is so diverse!

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