First Boeing, now Lockheed Martin!

Looks like the F-35 is going to be getting significant cuts.

This thread is intended for aviation purposes. Please leave political opinions out of it.


Such irony, there are already politics inside the news how do you expect us to keep them aside

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So much political posturing. Boeing and Lockheed has powerful lobbies in Washington, I don’t understand the panic.

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Yeah, I personally don’t believe it will have an impact on the plane itself, but hopefully the US government could get the American taxpayers a better deal out of it.

Very true about the lobbying. The Washington Capitals hockey team advertises Boeing throughout their arena hahah

They’re not going to get a better deal, it’s cost-plus, which is, IMHO, the biggest downfall in American Defence contracting. They’re offering a set level of profits above their costs, the profit may be fixed, but it allows for massive cost overruns. Too late to change that now.

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So basically Trump is killing the American aerospace company. He is really making America great lol.


Well many air defense experts and former AF pikots have said just how bad of a program the F-35 is. Many have said just how terribke of a rip off the US is getting from Lockheed because of the F-35. $1 Trillion for a program riddled with delays and which many actual unbiased experts have said will not live up to what is demanded of it is not worth it. The only reason many people think it’s the future is because of the spin doctors in the media saying its a good buy when many AF brass are having real serious second thoughts.



They did it to themselves. They were given a blank check and trusted to be good stewards as they’d done in the past and failed at it.

They got greedy and it’s coming back to bite them just like the Autoworkers unions back in the 70’s and 80’s.


I would of just cut the A variant because the roles which it will fly are already being preformed by other way capable aircraft. The navy and marines could use the f-35 but the f/a-18 E/F and AV-8s can carry more payload. I think the F-35 program was just a waste of money. Around 1trillion dollars of money.

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No I’m also including Air force one and all the America China issues recently.

Trump is on a roll. What a savage!


Watch out! Cessna is next! lol

They’re not going to get bit. Lockheed already has a contract for those planes. Trump could potentially withdraw funding, but then Lockheed won’t deliver the planes.

They are already for the most part developed! To start developing a new fighter would just restart the process…

Let’s remember guys, this is a Tweet, not an executive order.

BarryO is still the king of EO’s in recent times.

Mostly in outrageousness.

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Well trump is already 75, from what I heard he can only run one term, which means he can screw america up and not care anymore

trump has no idea what he is doing based off his first few decisions (cabinet, corporations) he thinks he makes these decisions?? he has no idea that other people below him make these kindof decisions not him.

And what makes you think he’s screwing America up? He’s not even in office yet, so let’s save the disparaging comments for when there’s proof of such.

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Based on?

Could you personally make better decisions given the same skill set? Let the man do what he was elected to do before making irrational statements, please.

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