First Boeing 737MAX 10 Rolls Out of Factory

Despite the 737MAX remaining grounded, it appears the first MAX 10 variant was silently rolled out of the factory today…

Similar to the 777X rollout, the event seems to have been private for employees only…pretty obvious why there’s no fanfare going on…
I’ve always liked the look of the MAX, and I think it looks good…That’s one long 737.


Wow! Thats a pretty long jet.


OMG I love how long the 737 looks!!

For some reason I like longer jets better

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Wow that plane looks so good!

I feel inclined to make a not so nice joke to that. But I will just skip over it.

Really is a nice jet, hope they can get ungrounded.

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Also the 737 MAX 10 has some very special rear landing gear to prevent it from striking the tail

Nice, a stretched version of the 737.

I seriously don’t get it. Is this like the “A321” of the 737?

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Most likely

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Cant wait for the return of the MAX they are like a mini 787

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Here’s some more pics from a Flickr album, credit to Brandon Farris for taking these:

A fun fact about the plane is indeed the new landing gear, as @Vidal99977 said. If I remember correctly, the gear “extends” when the plane is rotating on takeoff, making the plane “taller” and further from the ground. This prevents tail strikes due to the low height of the 737 combined with the new long length of the MAX 10.

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That is a beautiful airplane! I surely hope this airplane comes to SJC in the future! :D

So beautiful but can they make it fly again? After groundings…

I have found a video explaining how the new Max 10 main gear works


i was just thinking that too. lol

they better make this plane is safe enough to fly the president let alone the average customer

Ok nice but Does it have MCAS? Canadian Offical wants MCAS removed read this because… it’s a big statement

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Bleh. Ugly. Scrap it and make it into something actually useful.



With that out of the way, the landing gear is something that has never really been explored. I think that this anti-tail strike system would really save the aircraft’s skin.

nice post, it’s weird, i looked at the wing and thought “looks pretty normal to me” then looked at the fuselage YEP now i see it XD

first fixed one?