First B777W overspeeds Mid Flight

Your Callsign

American 61 Heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?

Yes Udeme_Ekpo

Version Information

20.02 (468)

Device Information

iPhone 6S
IOS 13.7


I was doing a flight from KDFW to RJAA with the American B777W and when I was cruising at FL380, the throttle cut off and it caused the aircraft to over speed to where I got a speed warning which wasn’t my fault because the speed increased on its own after it cut off.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch Infinite
  • Fly the B777W American Airlines to Tokyo Narita
  • Fly with different wing views

Expected results

A normal and perfect flight to get to RJAA Airport

Actual Results

Throttle Cut off and speed increased

More Information

And here is the link of the issue that happened

This sounds like that other issue that allows for a free global without pro if you have the 77W…

This belongs in this thread