First attempt at a Trip Report

Hey everyone! So lately, I’ve been seeing this new trend of people doing these detailed Trip Reports! I thought I would give it a shot. I hope you enjoy! Picture descriptions are at the bottom of each pic.

Today, I was on board Horizon Flight 2029, departing at 1 PM from Los Angeles. I decided to blow off work and fly up to Seattle for a long weekend!

The key to any weekend is starting it out right. I can’t imagine a better way to kicking off a vacation than eating some nuts and drinking a glass of wine in a first class seat!

I don’t know about anyone else, but nothing makes my heart race quite like hearing engines spool up.

As the flight attendants went through their safety briefing, I settled into my seat and pulled up a movie on my iPad to enjoy. I used to pay attention, but I only pretend to now.

One of the distinctive elements which makes LAX such a famous airport is the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean you get on the departure path! It never fails to catch my eye.

One of my favorite places to explore in LA is the Wind Wolves Preserve! Beautiful hiking trails.

Let’s be honest, Lake Tahoe is equally stunning from ground level and from 35,000 feet. Maybe this will be where I go next weekend!

Ah, the view of my weekend! It will be nice to get away from everything for a bit, even if it is just a short time.

Smooth landing and on the ground with no problem! I start to gather my things as we taxi to the gate.

All in all, a relaxing flight! Although, is there any other kind of flight when you’re sitting in the front?

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys!


Nice pics!


Woah, that second last photo is absolutely amazing, keep up the good work


Thanks! Personally, my favorite is the Tahoe pic.

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Very good! The ninth photo is beautiful.

Loved this picture!

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I do love the takeoff from LAX. I’ve visited a few times in real life, mostly flying to and from MSP. The northeast bank is spectacular, so I always sit on the right side of the aircraft.

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Thanks! That picture was honestly a spur-of-the-moment pic. I didn’t plan it at all! I think they all came out pretty nice though.

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Okay, nice! I’m from California, and have flown to LAX multiple times.

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It’s a great (and ENORMOUS) airport!

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Wow, I wasn’t expecting this kind of response! Thanks for all of the comments and likes, I appreciate them! Hopefully, I can start doing more of these!

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A good first attempt on your Tripreport!:) well done!:D😄👍🏼

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nice i like it! next time be a bit more harsh 😉

Great trip report! The ninth photo looks incredible

Amazing pics! I like be the one where you are cruising over Lake Tahoe! It looks stunning

Odd to see you turn almost immediately north after the runway departure. Me being a guy who lives next to LAX’s runway 24L and 24R makes me triggered.

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me living 3 blocks away from 25L and 25R 😼

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