First ATC Playground Flight

So I just finished my first ATC Playground flight from KSAN - KLAX. Had a controller on both ends and it was so much better than playing with no controllers. I’ve noticed that some people can be idiots and not listen to the controllers. When coming in to land I had somebody right on top of me, he was told to do a 360 for spacing and completely ignored it.

I also got a go around at 1300 ft. First time I dealt with that so I gunned it to climb out, which I didn’t catch my speed in time and hit 260nm before I backed off. Stinks because I’ve been going over the tutorials and everything to try to keep from looking like a complete noob but still got pinged. It’s weird though because it showed at the top the speed violation but when I finished the flight it showed 0 as my violations.

Anyway, it was really fun and I know I’m going to get into this big time. Thanks to the controllers, like I said it was my first time on there so I didn’t catch your names. Look forward to seeing you guys out there.


Advance is much better than playground. For example that 360 in advance nobody wont dare to not do it.


Good to know. I’ll definitely be dropping into Advance, but I’m just now dipping my toe in the water so I’ll run around in the Playground for the time being. I’d rather treat this as a sim personally, so Advance sounds like the place for me but I’ll wait until I know I’m not going to tick anybody off first.

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Sounds like you are going the correct approach to get the experience before moving up. I enjoy flying SoCal as there are some nice routes, great scenery too. Trouble is about 25% of the pilots ignore both good airmanship as well as ATC which is frustrating so don’t fly there as often as I would like!

Don’t forget you can report user if someone is really bad, if two others also report user then they will get ghosted!

Regarding the violations you will be given a warning but then gives you time to correct. If you don’t correct or have enough time then you will have a violation.

Happy flying, look forward to seeing you in the sky’s!!

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Good to know. Like I said I caught it right as I was crossing 250 and stopped and reversed it by time I hit 260 so I guess it was only a warning. Again, still figuring it all out as I go. Thanks for the info everybody

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Keep flying and you’ll be In advanced in no time. Getting vectored by approach in advanced is so organized and makes the sim even better!

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Never disrespect Advanced. I haven’t once failed to disobey an ATC’s directions, because I’m afraid of the consequences. One of the most annoying directions in my opinion is to make a 360 for spacing. I’ll admit, when I’m on Playground and the ATC tells me to do that, I sometimes don’t do it because I want to get the flight over with. But on Advanced, you just gotta take it like a real pilot would.

Thats a bit annoying… you realise you would still get reported if you didnt follow the instructions… Its players like you that should be on Free Flight if you aren’t going to follow instructions…

1: Most of the times I do it, sometimes I don’t.
2: I would never do this on Advanced.
3: It’s like nobody takes the Playground seriously anymore. I feel like I’m the only one that actually tries to get a professional flight done when I see 2 planes landing on the runway at the same time, and planes taking off without the ATC’s instruction to do so.

its a training server what do you expect? you should set an example

Please understand, the ATC hasn’t really told me lots of times to make a 360 on Playground. And 90% of the times I have followed the instruction to do so. But we shouldn’t talk about this anymore. It’s going a little off topic with this post.