First ATC interaction at KFAT this morning

I’m not 100 percent sure of the username who was running Ground and Tower at KFAT earlier today… Thank you for providing my first live ATC experience.

I realize I missed announcing ready to takeoff, skipped to requesting departure instead… My first learning point in this new level.

Much appreciated!


We all make mistakes, its all about how you learn from them. Also, if you look at your replay, you can get the controllers name.

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Excellent, thanks!

Hey! If you would like to know more about interactions with ATC, feel free to head to our user guide, there you can find some useful tips to get a better atc experience!

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yeah i had the same the first time i spawned in i was like whos saying all these things just let me take off but now i am more experienced it isnt confusing anymore and it just became a thing that i always first contact ground or tower before i do anything

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Welcome @JoeloeNL :D

thank you thank you :)

I was expecting the communications, i deliberately chose a departure field with active controller but the least traffic i could, so i would step on as few toes as possible.

I’ve read enough to be familiar with the sequence, at least the no frills, nothing crazy steps. I knew i was going to probably miss something and now i am a bit more clear.

Again, thanks @MiguelSilva01 for being my very first controller lol

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Thats a smart choice! Always good to work up! Flying straight into a FNF hub can be a little overwhelming (I did that my first time on ES lol… didn’t go well)!

See you around hopefully :D

Definitely 🙂 IRL I only got my first three hours of instruction in the air… Looking forward to getting more involved, slowly and steadily. Probably going to be a while before i make g3, but I’ll enjoy the road (I mean NAT).

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One of these days i might just try a departure from KJFK or EGLL on a busy day to get the feel for the more involved taxiing and selecting a departure on the fly 😉

You will see some unexpected sights haha! Totally, let me know when and I shall join if I can :D

Welcome! Every day we learn new things … I hope this new learning and the following ones you enjoy a lot !. How we also know we make mistakes, we must not get angry about that, just take it easy and learn from it! Welcome to the Live Servers


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Hey @zentiggr you did great today. As they were saying everybody makes mistakes. Also you were not the only one making mistakes. As I was being your ground and tower controller, I was also being evaluated by the other airplanes that were flying. I also made mistakes… that’s how we learn and that’s how we move forward. I hope to see you one more time…

Gotcha, sounds great…

I’m sure we’ll cross paths again, looking forward to it.

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