First approach session after update

It was fun doing approach for 4 hours. But with time,my connection was dropping and it was honestly overloaded. Now,with overloaded I refer to 35+ inbounds at the same time and when 27 was clearly in use,some people flew to the downwind of 18s and kept asking me for 18. If someone can land at 250@17 on the 18s then good for you. I wanted to make things safer by shifting from 18s to 27. Plenty of holds used,and few 360s. I did try my best. It will honestly take some time for the traffic to cool down a bit,because 35+ inbounds together for a short distance from EBBR or EDDL to eham is difficult.

Most people were complying with the holds and 360s which immensely helped,but then the number of inbounds kept on increasing and without Center,it’s not possible to bring everyone safely in. For the same reason,people had to travel a lot of extra miles just to be sequenced. I didn’t want to,but I had to. I didn’t see any other way out. Thanks for flying. I really hope i could service a bit more,but my connection dropped and I couldn’t broadcast a closing message. Apologies.

Hope I could live upto your expectations.

EHAM APP (Expert server)


Jeebak, you are an amazing controller! I saw your line, and it looked awesome. Keep up the good work!

Did the holds really work as expected? I jumped on as center on training server yesterday so a few people could try it out. Their feedback was that it is confusing and most people won’t know what to do.

I put 3 aircraft in holds last night and it worked like a charm.


What does that new aircraft hold command mean?

The hold and the 360 both definitely helps,but the main issue was the number of inbounds,clustered together,with most of them at absurd altitudes like 37000ft or so for a 100 mile distance cruising at 500 GS. Also when they were asked to do holds,many of them were doing their own thingy and not really complying to the thing. I didn’t ghost,because we know the thin line of difference when pilots don’t understand what to do and some who blatantly disobey.


@Pradyut_Mandal ATC Holding Patterns Tutorial

Thanks a lot :)

Was nice :)

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