First Antarctic flight lands at CHC!

First flight to Antarctica since COVID-19!

This morning, a USAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster III touched down at Christchurch Airport from McChord AFB near Seattle, WA. This is an extremely significant flight because it is the first USAF aircraft bound for Antarctica since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Arriving at the military apron at CHC, the Globemaster unloaded its cargo, including 30 airmen and scientists bound for Scott/McMurdo base in the Ross Dependency of Antarctica. However, before the personnel continue their journey, the New Zealand Government has decided they must undergo a 2-week quarantine, to make sure none of the people are infected with Coronavirus. This is very important because Antarctica is the only place on Earth that has no traces of COVID-19, and the 450 American individuals living there at the moment would like to keep it that way.

Alongside the military workforce, there are also many vital supplies on the aircraft, including fresh food, medical equipment, and scientific instruments to monitor the environment in Antarctica. Unfortuantly, I was unable to go to Christchurch to spot the C-17, but I have supplied images from the website I have sourced my information from, which you can find here. I would recommend giving this a read if you are interested in learning more about the flight!

Thanks for reading, I will link sites and other information sources below, if you would like to learn more. This is my first time making one of these kinds of informative posts, please leave some feedback below :)

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Whoa that’s some great news for a change!

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Indeed, shows that times may be improving!

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Saw the one parked up at the airport last night love seeing the C17s there amazing aircraft sad that we haven’t seen the NASA 747!this year 😖

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I wish I could do the flight in IF but the C-17 Globemaster is just 💩. Hopefully it’ll get reworked sometime soon so that I can do Antarctic flights!


Could always join GAF and come fly the -130 to Antarctica

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@Lovethisgame I am yet to go up to CHC and see it, hopefully I can make the trip in the holidays, if I’m lucky I might be able to spot it in the air🤞 @Philippe_Gilbert I agree, I would say it’s in worse condition than the 757 lol


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