First Alaska A320

Alaska’s first painted A320 is N625VA and was just rolled out earlier today.

N625VA is an Airbus A320-214 and is 11.7 years old with her first flight flight on May 29, 2006.

These are the pictures from the article.


My oh my, the livery looks better on the A320 than the 737! I can tell that the Alaska logo is moved much closer to the cockpit windows.


Yah, that was the first thing I noticed how the Alaska text was much closer to the window of the cockpit. Also notice how the “Proudly All Boeing” has disappeared as well XD


Not only that, but the grey on the engine is not there.


And Alaska is no longer “proudly all Boeing”. This is a sad day for Boeing fans😭


Just yes…hello! Such a gorgeous livery my gosh 😍😍

Gets In phone: Yes I’d like to report having a heart attack.

ER: Do you know what caused the heart attack.

Me clears throat: I just saw an Alaska A320 livery.

ER nurse pauses:…sir please use this line for real emergencies.


So sad. Finally…Airbus moves In. And tbh their livery looks better on an A320 than the B737. Just sayin.


That livery is absolutely beautiful on the A320 😍 😍 😍

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Looks like AA has betrayed Boeing… very interesting…


Love the new livery on the aircraft, but it makes me sad to see that the plane was painted very quickly. At this pace it’s gonna be hard to see how the VX livery slowly fades into nothingness.

Hey, profit is profit.


Interesting! Hoping to see the A320 on my ADS-B feed.

Finally an Airbus plane in Alaska colors. Looks so much better in a bus.

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Nothing beats the new livery on a 739 with Split scimitars. But this does look nice, I was not expecting this to happen this early in the year

Straight up! I have to agree with @SkyHighGuys here. Although Boeing is my favorite manufacturer, the Alaskan livery looks 1,000,000 times better on the A320, sheesh 😍

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I really am speechless at the Alaska A320. It is absolutely gorgeous. Alaska Airlines really went above and beyond with the A320 and I cannot wait to fly it someday.


I don’t know what to think just yet, out of all the angles they could’ve done the pictures at they chose the worst 2.

It’s very difficult to get a real understanding of what the aircraft looks like. Just gonna have to wait till it’s in flight radar!

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Looking nice and fresh!

I love how they’re keeping the Virgin America registrations. Adds some history to the fleet.

Used to seeing this livery on a B737, quite strange to seeing it on a A320.

no I am not being biased.

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