First Aircraft

Thanks @SkyHighGuys

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The good ol’ Cessna 172 as it was one of the only aircraft at the time ;)

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Lol I barely have flown in that one but it sounds intriguing ;)

Goodnight everyone🌛🌃🌌 and happy flights

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Virgin atlantic 787. Back when the A330 first came out

Lol I’ve played for so long I can’t even remember now. Infinite flight has grown so much, great sim.

C 17 Globemaster

I hve took turkish airlines B737-700 from EHAM-EBBR.

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Think I flew the Qantas a380

Flew a Luxair 737-700 at KSFO. Did a Free Flight Server like antic and took off on the taxiway

Air France A380! I think everyone does that! (Well the A380 part)

A380 probably Qantss

Might have been the original 737 that only had a SWA livery.

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I remember there was no such thing as live when I first started playing.

Southwest 737-700 randomly flying around Half Moon Bay pointlessly…

I flew the 737-700 KLM.

K those days I did not know anything about IF…so I just wanted to take off from either KLAX or KSFO…but after taking off in emirates A380…I didn’t know what was going on because I of throttle cut…I tried it many times and because I didn’t know of the throttle cut, I thought this was a another of the cheap games…

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