First Aircraft

a380-800 qantas

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Lol same same. I remember just spawning on free flight server and just taking off. I feel so sad for myself back then.

To small for me 😂😂

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Well it was the first flight, you can’t show up in a 748

I think mine was a generic A380.
It was so long ago… A time where un-animated A340’s reared their glitchy engines.

This topic is duplicated

Thanks King for ruining the fun…lol just kidding. I honestly didn’t know. But instead of saying that why not put down what your first aircraft was ;)

And not entirely duplicated. It has stuff I don’t have and I have stuff it doesn’t have

A Delta mc-8 BHM-ATL -PHL

Nice nice!. Sounds enjoyable

Thanks @SkyHighGuys

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The good ol’ Cessna 172 as it was one of the only aircraft at the time ;)

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Lol I barely have flown in that one but it sounds intriguing ;)

Goodnight everyone🌛🌃🌌 and happy flights

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Virgin atlantic 787. Back when the A330 first came out

Lol I’ve played for so long I can’t even remember now. Infinite flight has grown so much, great sim.

C 17 Globemaster

I hve took turkish airlines B737-700 from EHAM-EBBR.

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Think I flew the Qantas a380