First Aircraft

What was the first aircraft you every flew in Infinite Flight and if you can remember lol what livery?
I’ll go first and say mine was the Boeing 737-700 in the Southwest livery! And GO…


Don’t even have this aircraft ¯ _(ツ)_/¯


Oops I meant 737-700 lol. Thanks for pointing that out @Furtive_masstwofourf

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im pretty sure i flew the a380

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The Qantas A380. :)


United CRJ-200 /:)


Flew the the Southwest 737-800, because it was the only 737 livery at the time. :/


AA A321, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing…

The Cessna 172, nice and easy

No idea how you guys remember this stuff… Other than the 172 in the tutorial I have no idea…

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a380-800 qantas

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Lol same same. I remember just spawning on free flight server and just taking off. I feel so sad for myself back then.

To small for me 😂😂

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Well it was the first flight, you can’t show up in a 748

I think mine was a generic A380.
It was so long ago… A time where un-animated A340’s reared their glitchy engines.

This topic is duplicated

Thanks King for ruining the fun…lol just kidding. I honestly didn’t know. But instead of saying that why not put down what your first aircraft was ;)

And not entirely duplicated. It has stuff I don’t have and I have stuff it doesn’t have

A Delta mc-8 BHM-ATL -PHL

Nice nice!. Sounds enjoyable