First Airbus A380 flight memorial @ Paris Region on the 27th april

Come fly in the Airbus A380 on the 27th of April 2017, this is to remember the first ever flight of the 380
join me then…ill be flying as Etihad 2302
see you soon anywhere in the Paris regen

You cannot make events until you are a TL2. Sorry dude. Just get that trust level up and try again some other time.
Also for future reference please learn how to create proper event threads and how to create event titles with the Zulu dates.


sorry I haven’t posted on here for a while…how do I know if I’m a TL2

You will get that member badge. Right now you have a simple basic user badge.

Ditto to @SkyHighGuys’s comment - wait until you’re TL2.

Additionally, please make sure to use the proper #live:events format when you do gain the member trust level - thank you.


how do I earn TL2…how long will it take

Take some time to read through this to understand what you can do at your current level.


Thanks I was looking and couldn’t find that link.