First Air Caraibes A350 rolls out from FAL

The first A350 for Air Caraibies rolled out from final assembly. It is now performing ground work and with an expected delivery for the first quarter of 2017.

Photo by Jujug spotting.

What do people think?


I think that another airline that has ordered the A350 is great :D

Looks great!

That’s hot.

It looks hot already, can’t wait to see the 100% hotness in 2017

what airport is that?

The livery on this will look amazing!

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Meanwhile the only livery of this airline in IF is on the C208.

Most likely Toulouse, France.

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The fact that the only Air Caraibes we have on IF is a C208 and now they’re getting an A350 😂


I hope that TNCM will be great again with this mighty A350 if it comes in to TNCM because it would bring balance to plane spotters alike because of the recent 747 service loss


What if they don’t like Airbus?

I think Emirates should start service into TNCM. A380’s FTW

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Full power departure on that one

The tail is stunning

Wait what??
There is a new episode of air crash investigation if they start the service to TNCM

3D model

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