First Air Caraibes A350 emerges from paint

The first A350 painted for Air Caraibes has emerged from the paint shop. I believe this is the second one for TX




What do people think?


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So beautiful! We need this in IF

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So bright and fresh. I love it!

Tremendous livery!

I don’t think it’s necessary though.

I love that livery. It looks amazing on the a350.

No. These kinds of news arevery welcome as separate topics if you ask me ;).

Anyways I really like the livery. I look forward to seeing this in the air, most defintely.

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I love the new and refreshed livery.

I dont like that livery

Gets the inhaler

How can you not like that paint?!

I think its horrible

There lots of more beatiful aircrafts. Example cathay pacific a350

Gets the inhaler again

That blue though…

Although I must say I do hope they don’t destroy that plane by putting 16.5 inch wide seats in there for economy like they have on their A330-200/300 fleet, because it would totally ruin it if they did that.

think there livery would look better in the 787!

Yeah I agree! Just doesn’t go with the A350 too well.

at least someone agrees with me! I don’t think it looks well with those demented cockpit windows. the margins aren’t really well for the livery either.

Looks better on the 208 ;-) J/k, this looks pretty good.

Looks amazing!