First A350-1000 XWB painted

Can this thing even be pushed from the gate😂

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Where’s my engines? ☹️☹️☹️

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Yes. Especially an apple pencil.


I’d love to see the A350 family come to Infinite Flight.

Not liking it at all

Airbus! Did you not get we didn’t want a flying pencil when you created the A340?!

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Beautiful !!!

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Looks great. hope it gets added to infinite flight

I need to fly on this

Just looks incredible. Especially when it has it’s engines on.

It’s longer than I originally thought, but looks great!

Airbus A350-1000 is actually longer than the 900 and has more range than the 900 .i wonder if it will throughout the world like the solar powered plane

Looks pretty good.

My problem is how the engines look

you know there is no engine yet?

Oh they kinda looked like weird engines from my eyes.

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Exceedingly beautiful! I can’t wait to board one!

For people who say it looks to long. It is the same length of a 777-300ER. It should have its engines on in the next week or so. I will get photos and put it on this thread

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Now it has been fitted with its engine.

What do people now think?