First A330neo painting

One has engines and the other doesnt? Besides that there isnt much difference.

Their A340-300s are more expensive to use than the A330? I thought they were practically the same. Another question, why do they use the A340-300 on long haul routes if they are more costly? Their A330s have the range that is required.

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They use 4 engines where the A330 uses two, It´s pretty much the same thing as why the 747 isn´t real popular anymore compared to the 777/787/A350.
I´m not sure about the last question, my guess would be is that they still are profitable, and it´s pretty expensive to buy 8 new long haul aircrafts.

Actually, the A340-300 uses the CFM56 engine. That is the same engine as on some A320´s and B737. Thats also why the 340 has 4 engines instead of 2, as the plane would be extremely underpowered if it only had 2.


Because, I think the A340 has more seats. I’m not sure of that though.

That A340 in SAS´s configuration has 245/247 seats, the A330 in SAS´s configuration has 262/266 seats. Depending on sources. Per SeatGuru and

Does any one know if QANTAS is getting any

They have no order as of yet. Most of their A330s are still fairly new, anyways.

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And they´re getting a bunch of 787´s.


It look amazing

The A340 has more structural weight to support the outer engines While the masses of the engines may be similar, the mass closer to the tip of the wing require more reinforcement because of the torque equation being FRsin(θ). Since the “R” is increased due to the engine being mounted further out, the torque exerted on the wing will be higher requiring more structural reinforcements to keep the engine from shearing off. In addition, the A340 carries the central gear assembly and additional structure to support its higher fuel capacity, leading it its higher fuel burn.

Their old-build A330s do not have the range for the long Asian missions, the new A330s are being deployed to the US. The A330s, especially in the CEO configuration is still geared towards shorter flights, the advantage of the A330 shrinks the farther you go. The 343 is actually a perfectly good aircraft for what it does, it is actually very competitive with the 772 in terms of fuel burn.


Its called the new engine option 🤣


It looks great.

A330 neo has the point a bit higher than the A350. That’s all I can find right now.

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you beat me to it

this looks absolutely beautiful

my new favourite too!!!

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I was going to post that! Love the livery and the winglet.

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Love the new cockpit windows designs on some of the new ones, looks beautiful

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New cockpit widows looks very modern.

Totally agree with you!