First A330 Neo emerges from FAL

The first A330 Neo has emerged from he find assembly line in Toulouse. This is only the first photo but more will come.


What do people think?


Can’t wait for it to get painted


Looking forward to see it in service.


looks a lot like an A330 to me… when completed be able to have a better idea!


When is the first flight going to happen?

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Where did you get this info from?

Thursday, November 24th 2016. The most historic day for Airbus! A350-1000 first flight AND A330neo comes out of the factory


Wow. WOW. I’m genuinely excited

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That and this is a real photo so what more can you expect, the proof is in the pudding

I was just wondering.

It’s a beauty

A350-1000 and A330neo in one day! AMAZING!!!

What a beautiful aircraft. I think 2017 will be a very big year for Airbus.

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Let’s hope it does well!

That’s so… 😤

…so NEO 😢

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A pointless program in my honest opinion, the A350 was suppose to replace this and they decided to prolong the life of the program even though there is little demand for more A330s. Just like the 787 replaced the 767, the A350 was going to completely replace the A330/340 program. The future is in the direction of the A350/787. Why do you think Boeing isnt revamping the 767 program? Because they already have their replacement. Airbus does too. Makes no sense from the business sense to retool a program that directly competes on most of the same routes as another program in house? Especially when it is cheaper to get the A330neo than the A350-900 and most airlines were going to replace their A330ceos with the A350. Airbus just shooting themselves in the foot.

It was as much of a defensive move from Airbus than a progressive one.
Airbus did cancel the A350-800 as it would not be much better than the 787 or A330, and would not be competitively priced. The A350s are expensive and they want to sell the bigger models which have higher profit margins.

The A330 NEO is cheap, the programme and production facilities are all paid for - this keeps the A330 line open and takes away orders from the 787.

The Asian carriers will find this aircraft perfect for their needs, when the 787 / A350 may be overkill.


Not my photo.


Is this the test plane?

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It is the first test frame

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