First A330 Flight! Toronto to St Maarten

Airline: Air Transat
Aircraft: A330-300
Flight number: TS218
Departure time: 6:20
Arrival Time: 11:54
Flight Time: 4:34
Server: Expert

On the ramp at Toronto!

Lining up on 33R

Sunrise Above the clouds

View of the amazing cabin the devs worked on :)

Cruising over the Atlantic at FL380

Descending into the beautiful Caribbean

On final into runway 10

Short final over Maho Beach!

And… butter the A330 makes it so easy

The passengers disembark !

TYSM everyone for reading (:


I love the photos! How good was the landing?

Nice pics

Did you by any chance see a KLM A330 spawning next to you after you had parked?