First A220 flight-Norfolk to Charleston

Hello, this was my first time flying the A220 on IF so I’m sharing some of the photos.

Expert Server

Taxiing at Norfolk

Climbing to 34000

Nice landing at Charleston

Arriving at my gate.


Hey there! Lovely photos but please keep the rules in mind. A couple of your photos do violate the rules of the Screenshots and Videos category.

The rules that were violated are listed below.

  • Player boxes
  • Player names

When posting please follow all rules make sure it fits into all requirements.

For future reference, you can go into Settings → Online/Live → Unselect player boxes/names.

You could also go into replays, selecting your desired replay and clicking the camera icon outlined by a dotted box in the bottom right. This will not only produce an HD image, but also remove player names, boxes etc.

Just keep this in mind when posting again!