First 787 variant you will fly

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  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10
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You can discuss that in livery then discuss the variant on it

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Oh the 9 for sure. Best proportioned 787 IMO


@MishaCamp is the 788 the first variant you have already flown, or the first you will fly when the update is released to us non-beta peasants?


Don’t know what you’re on about 😇


Of course not.


The Boeing 787-8 of course. I’ll make a test flight from KPAE to Mt. Rainier and fly back to KBFI. I’ll do the same thing with the other variants but first the 787-8.


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If you want to do some 787 testing you can also go to KEDW. They did some testing there .

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the -8 is the best. sadly there are no major airline liveries that I like on the -8 (yet)

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Multiple choice please

i will be flying all 3 variants at once 😆

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787-8 jetstar BAM! (of course)

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It’s 787-8 due that it have the RJ!

I will fly the 787-9 to test it out and if it’s good, I’ll buy the rest.

I’m just gonna buy them all from what I’m seeing in from the devs. This update is gonna be cool! This is what I’ll buy when the update comes out-
Boeing 777-200LR
Boeing 787-8
Boeing 787-10

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787-10 only because of liveries :'D

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If my ideas are perfect, they should go

get $15 iTunes

purchase 777-200lr
purchase 787-9
purchase 787-10
but hopefully 787-8 free


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Defo China Southern 787-8
Then Etihad 787-9(If it comes)
And random liveries

Etihad will be the first 787-9 I’ll fly first (hopefully if is added!)

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