First 787-10 in final production

Soon, the world will see the first ever 787-10! Some exciting stuff happening :D


Good to know this!


Wish I was at my grandma’s to see ;(

Great! Another rework on FDS’s schedule! (Because the plane when done would probably look different than the current -10 in IF)

How confident are you about that?
Looking at the IF 787-10 and all of the CGI rendering from Boeing, I reckon FDS will have it spot on.


Perfect timing as the first A330neo is flying soon!

Its time for a new flying pencil!


Who will be the launch customer?

I highly doubt that, since it’s just a stretch of the existing 8/9

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Exactly @R_Jordanian

Singapore Airlines


This is awesome! The 787-10 looks really pretty to me

The 787-10 I think has with carbon fiber or fiber glass wings which will reduce the weight and increase fuel efficiency for long routes.

This I see what I’m learning in the training program since Ima aviation maintenance technology student. In California USA.

Source here


Finally the composite carbon fiber wings I think is finally out!!! I can’t believe my eyes THE 787

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My son-in-law works at the Spirit facility in Wichita, KS on part of this plane! That’s awesome. Thanks for the post!

What?! Your sun is having fun and making a lot of money!!.. and plus I’m halfway done with aviation maintenance technology here at college of alameda by KOAK airport In Cali.

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He has an Aerospace Engineering masters. He’s working on the stress dynamics of the plane. Pretty cool stuff.

Wow that really cool his major was what I was going for but then it takes to long and I would make more money and have more time to fly if I just combine my FAA-AMT license with 2years of business and make it a BS in aviation management and go back home to UAE and either work for Emirates in Dubai or ETIHAD in my home city where I was born Abu Dhabi.