First 777W Flight

Hello, there is a problem with me cruising my B777W. As I was cruising at Mach 0.85 FL380, the throttle cut off and the speed started increasing causing the aircraft to over speed and it showed up as a speed warning to slow down. So can anyone try and solve this problem thank you

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Is this in Open beta? If so ask here:

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Can you re-simulate the issue? try and find it again?

Hi there, it looks as if @CPT_Colorado moved it into the #open-beta category.

Can you please edit your post to include the template, including device information, steps to reproduce, as well as any relevant screenshots, as to allow people like myself to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

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Here is the issue: I was Udeme_Ekpo with American 61 Heavy
Flying from KDFW to RJAA and this happened in my iPhone 6S IOS 14 (2020)

Steps to Reproduce:
Launch Infinite Flight
Spawn in at KDFW with a B777W
Cruise at FL380
Throttle Cuts Off

20.02 (468)

Expected Results: The aircraft over speeds and a Violation warning is given

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It would belong in this thread, just follow the template that some of the other replies used to let them know that you are also having the issue.