First 777 Pax-Freighter conversion

The first 777-300ER has been delivered.

Part of the “Big Twin” project which you can read about in this thread here MSN 32789 is an ex Emirates 777-300 which had the reg A6 EBB it had its first flight 09/03/2005 and has been in storage since November 2018.

The plane flew from Dubai to Tel Aviv where Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will convert it to a freighter and it will become a 777-300ERSF. IAI will be adding a main deck cargo door, freighter lining, window plugs, a modified crew compartment, a reinforced fuselage and a 9G rigid cargo barrier, amongst other changes. The main deck cargo door will be the same size as on the 777-200F.

It will be able to carry 47 standard 2.4 X 3.2m pallets, that’s 10 more than a factory built 200-F and 8 more than the 747-400F ( although the 747 still has the upper hand for oversized freight with the nose door ) the 300ERSF will be able to carry 20T more than the 200F.

For me because I love freighters this is very interesting as 150 units are predicted to be sold up to 2030 will airlines opt for the 300ERSF over the 200F in the future?

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This is really interesting, thanks for posting.

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Wow, more cargo than a 747. Really interesting post! I hope other aircraft are converted and maybe major airlines like FedEx and DHL can follow suit, the 77W is my favorite 777 and my second favorite plane (behind the 757) so I really want to see more of these in the future


Yep it is. I can see the attraction for airlines more capacity. Each plane is expected to cost in the region of $35 million

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It’s going to be a really long freighter 😃 probably means there won’t be a 777X freighter tho.

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LNA is told Boeing sales floated the possibility of launching the 777-8F around 2023-24. This would bring forward the launch by about two years from plans when the X program was launched in 2013.

Either way, great to see the first 777-300ERSF rolling out.

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Interesting that they could bring the production of the 777-8F forward. I would love to see that.

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