First 727s final flight a success


I am so happy it made it!!!

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Rest in peace 727

Can someone explain what happened?

The 727 was retired years ago and they restored the first 727 made and are doing a final flight to deliver the plane to The Museum of Flight. This is what i’m getting by the image.

Oh why did it retire?

It was very outdated and had a bad crash history. It’s from the 70s, after all.

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Because it is really old & there are new aircraft.

Still that thing had a engine in its Tail

And that doesn’t mean anything.


I’m pretty sure the 727 was a pretty reliable plane, or else they would have been retired far sooner…

True. I don’t understand why they did retire it then, if Boeing likes making improvements.

Because planes wear out, the cycles wear down the metal, and there are constant improvements to engineering.

The trijet was not needed since it is more expensive to run

It was very reliable (for its time) it could takeoff from runways shorter than that needed for the 737-100. When equipped with gravel kits (not sure if they still are made for 737NG/737Max correct me if wrong) it could takeoff from unprepared runways

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Photo by Brandon Farris.


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This literally used to be my favourite plane :( I mourn for you :(

We will miss the Boeing 727!

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