First 22.2 app crash

Hello, as in title said, this is first time the app crash during my approach in CYYZ, the app just closed itself. I did just a short flight KJFK- CYYZ.

Device: Samsung S8+

Settings: All High (which I have no problems with proformance in any previous updated and 22.2 until now) even i used third party apps.

My storage and memory are just fine.

Restart my Phone before starting a flight.

Closed unused apps.

No warnings on phone overheat.

I’m out of idea why unexpected crash just happened today.


App crashes can happen for a number of different reasons. Most of the time, app crashes are caused by limitations to your device, such as a number overrun or a RAM shortage, causing the device to shut the application down as a form of “protection”. Other causes can include thermal protection, where your device overheats. Though, with the explanation that you gave, I find that reason unlikely.

That said, one of the things that you mentioned that caught my eye is that you’re using third party applications. A number of changes were made to the app in 22.1 and possibly 22.2, which means that changes from the third party app should be made in order for the two to coexist as best as possible. That said, I recommend you run Infinite flight without third-party applications in the meantime and seeing how that goes.

If your app still continues to crash, I think there’s reason to believe that you should be running your device with lower graphics settings. The Samsung Galaxy S8+, while a very capable device, is pushing 5 years old. With age, performance will naturally degrade due to the increased performance demands.

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I did numerous of long haul and ultra long haul flights with High settings and with third party apps after 22.2 or even yesterday. I have no crash even with high count airplanes. It’s just happen the crash today 🤷‍♂️ But as you said, i’ll do another flight to observe my phone performance. Cheers.

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