First 2019 STOL Competition @ KCLM 052100ZMAY19

As 2019 Summer began to fall upon us, so does the STOL Competitions, This year we begin a series of STOL Competitions at Port Angeles, in Washington State!

It will be held on the EXPERT Server this year, aircraft are authorized to fly in to watch this year’s STOL Competition! This year we have three different classes of aircraft competing.

Light Touring is the Super Decathlon aircraft! This is Infinite Flight’s only Tail Dragger!

Our two Medium Touring class aircraft will be the C172 and the Cirrus SR-22!

Last is our Heavy Touring Class, this year we will be using both the Cessna C208B and the TBM930!

General Rule

Here will be the official rules for those who are going be competing.
Once you select the aircraft you will be using you will be locked into it, meaning you cannot change it. On the day of the Event, please spawn in at the “Gen Aviation Ramp” parking and clear so another pilot can join in and park. Each pilot will be put into a Class, each class will have 4 pilots competing at a time, once you are issued your class you’ll be competing with those pilots.
There will be a Discord or a slack (coming soon) to announce which heat is up. Once you are called up you’ll be instructed to taxi to the runway and depart. There will be a Super D next to the runway, that will be the location where you’ll depart and land. Each pilot will take off the shortest they possibly can. Judges will determine take off. On their landing the pilot MUST land after where the Super D is at. If they land prior they will be disqualified. Go Arounds are authorized but cannot be abused. Once the pilot lands they will be told to clear the runway so the next aircraft can land. Each pilot will have two changes for two take off and two landings, their shortest take off and landings will count towards the shortest total distance.


This round we will have NO weight, all you need is enough fuel to do your flights!


You’re very welcome to just watch the Competition! We ask that you spawn in a GA Aircraft and sit on the side line, please do not disrupt the event!

Hope to see people joining!


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