First 100 Dollar breakfast run

Today the family, and I went for our first 100 dollar breakfast. We departed KSGU St.George regional for KIGM Kingman.

We arrived at KSGU at around 7:00. Got all of our items together in the hanger, and headed out to the plane. During pre flight I removed about 2 cups of water from the left fuel tank. We got into the air at around 7:30. We climbed straight out of runway 19 to a cruising altitude of 8500 feet.

The flight over was uneventful we held a pretty constant ground speed of 118 KTS. This was the first time the wife, and kids where able to see the Grand Canyon. That sight will never get old. We arrived in KIGM at 7:20 local time. Yes we arrived before we took off time travel is nice.

Once we landed, we tied down the plane and headed over to the Kingman Cafe. This is a perfect little hole in the wall cafe. You could tell the establishment was very old, a lot of locals in the dinning area. The food was phenomenal.

Reading some of the plaques they had just outside the cafe, next to once was an old control tower. We learned that kingman was Arizonas first commercial hub. Which Charles Lindbergh brought to the state. Prior to that Kingman was a army training base. Today it’s mostly a aviation junkyard with rows of CRJs, and even a DHL A300. It was quiet a sight to see.

After finishing our breakfast, we headed out back to KSGU. By this time it was about 8:50. By this time the wind was at a constant 11 KTS, kinda freaked the wife out since she doesn’t like turbulence.
We climbed out to a cruise altitude of 7500 feet. Once we hit the mountains it became very turbulent, so we climbed to a cruising altitude of 9500 feet. We finally found some smooth air at that altitude.

Passing the Grand Canyon on the way home we where able to see 2 aircraft pass right over each other. You have to love that sight. Coming into KSGU it was a busy Saturday morning as usual. We ended up #3 on the downwind. The wind was reporting calm but just above the runway it was anything but. As we approached runway 19, and went into our flair a big gust caught us lifting us back in the air. At that point I made the decision to go around. Our second attempt we landed without a hitch. Freaked the wife out a bit with the go around.

After we tied down the plane, and got all the post flight done. We where able to catch an amazing war bird at the FBO.

We all had an amazing time. Thanks for reading, and happy landings.


Wow. Sounds like the perfect day to me! #pilotgoals


😳 Holy moly… Thats quite a bit. Flight looks like it was nice. I especially like the picture of the P51. Great stuff and keep 'em coming!


Tons of water I had to of emptied that shot glass 10 times before I got fuel.

Im 99.9% certain that that DHL aircraft is an Airbus A300 not a Boeing 737.


Hey that’s possible man

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Just saying because the aircraft is too tall for a 737 and the 737 doesnt have a double landing truck configuration.


Brandon this is one of the best posts ever for me. I love the hundred dollar trips. They could even fulfill their own category of RWA in my opinion. It’s awesome that you were able to take the family out for a memorable trip like this one. Excellent photos and thanks for sharing the trip with us. If you ever feel like a slightly more expensive lunch, the Sky Galley restaurant at Cincinnati’s KLUK airport is absolutely incredible. Hit me up, I’ll buy!!


Glad you liked the post man. If I’m ever up in the area I’ll definitely take you up on that.

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Gotta love the Grand Canyon. Absolutely breathtaking 😍

Great pictures! That little restaurant looks like so much fun for any aviation or breakfast enthusiast.

I think those are ERJs, btw.

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I love to see stories like this in RWA. Thanks for sharing Brandon :)


Your next task is to attempt landing in ATL during peak rush hours come October. Good luck!


I like this and your son is looking very nice too. When you have a license to fly you can be doing short flights like you did to go out eat. I would like to do stuff like that once I get into flying 'n stuff.

Nice thread Brandon. I need to do those runs one of these days

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What plane are you in? I’m guessing a Cessina 172 Skyhawk

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You cannot beat that view of the Grand Canyon… just incredible.

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That’s one amazing flight with amazing pics to show… That P-51 is beautiful.

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Nice seeing you fly with the family Brandon! Love the snaps :)

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My first solo cross country is coming up next week. Awesome pictures! I can’t wait to have the ability to fly people around.