FIRs in mexico

Hello! It is incredible that FIRs have been added in the simulator. but nevertheless in my country I could realize that it is wrong. Only 1 FIR appears in general and it is the one from Mexico, when it is assumed that there should be 4.
1.-Merida FIR
2.-Mexico FIR
3.-Monterrey FIR
4.-Mazatlan FIR.
It would be great if they could fix that and add the remaining 3. Thank you! :)


Hi, thanks for the report!

This data is based on NAVBLUE data, which is generally extremely accurate. It’s still possible that some things maybe off. 20.1 is a first iteration with this new data provider and the developers haven’t been able to test every airport around the world. There may be some gaps in the data, normally depending on what information the country has available, but we’d like to fill these as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your understanding, enjoy the update!


Thx. I hope FIRs remaining can be added. :/

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