Firestorms/Arguments all the time


I’m going to keep this nice and short: Take a chill pill guys/gals.

Long live the DC-9!


Flag’em so a Mod can take required action :no_mouth:
@Swang007 @DIsraelFDS @carmalonso


I do. That doesn;t stop arguments from starting though.

Long live the DC-9!


All I did was post something about the curve of the earth and a few comments down someone’s being called an idiot. I dont know why people can’t have a debate without name calling or profanity. Read the guidelines people!


The fights and comments have been getting worse over time and That can’t bode well.

Long live the DC-9!


Give me a brake @Boeing707! This PC stuff don’t get it with me. Have an individual problem with a poster hit the button. It will eventually wind up with the Dev’s for a decision. You blatantly use profanity or go off on a tangent and intentionaly start an argument then take your lumps like a man and move on!
Hurt feeling, go see your Priest, Rabbi or Inman! Been there done that! Just Savin, Mad Max Sends


I don’t try and start arguments… I occasionally use censored profanity and often go off on a tangent.

When I have a problem I would usually flag it. Not fun reading it or seeing it happen though.

Long live the DC-9!


@Boeing707 No Criticism. Just Sayin. The “Button”= the Flag. “You”, not you, a generality. When I read it general censorship came to mind as well as a dumbing down of the free flow of ideas. Again, no offense. Just Sayin.
Your Pen Pal, Max


When I see this I move on 😀. It’s just me.


It’s not possible for mods to see everything, especially since this forum grows larger every day. It really helps us out when you flag posts.


If i sayd dammm i will get a warning message my post will get flagged and the mods threaten to ban me but if boeing707 says dammmmmm what happens. NOTHING


If a mod cared about it enough they would CLOSE THE TOPIC


That’s because I didn’t tell you or anyone to fly into a mountain. I gave commentary on your edgy and to be completely honest harsh and immature remark. I’ll remove it since you don’t wish to have it uploaded.

Long live the DC-9!


I misread your question: They didn’t close the topic because the topic may have served a useful topic. The topic was perfectly fine except for thr rude remark. The topic could have been continued so they got rid of your comment and therefore didn’t close the topic.


It dosent mater if i did something before but you say damn no one gives one ****



All Concerned: It’s not my place but I’ll say it First; BS & Disagreements aside the Publishing of a PM on this Forum is a violation of trust as far as I’m concerned. PM= “Private Message”… Bad JuJu!
MAX Sends


What are you saying here?

If you’re going to act like a child, I am not willing to continue this conversation.

Long live the DC-9!


Agreed. Next question is why post the PMs to begin with…

Long live the DC-9!


Where does it say i cant?