Firefly ATR72-500

Firefly ATR72-500 taxiing to gate after a 15-minute hop from Langkawi to Penang
Source: @PlaneLife2018

Good day all,

I would like to present my first ever feature request. Firefly is a regional airline in Malaysia, operating flights within the Malaysian Peninsular and nearby ASEAN cities, such as Phuket, Singapore (Seletar). It is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines that currently operates 15 ATR72-500s, making it one of the primary operators of this variant. I believe this is a must for Infinite Flight for a few reasons:

  1. Malaysia has great sceneries to offer, which can be appreciated while flying on this regional aircraft
  2. Connects nearby cities from Kuala Lumpur’s city airport, which is symbolic for Malaysians, particularly us avgeeks
  3. Increases IF traffic in Malaysia, a country where it is often left behind/overshadowed by Singapore or Bangkok
  4. Extremely useful transport for business travellers and tourists
  5. Who doesn’t like such a vibrant livery?

Here concludes my feature request, and please vote for this aircraft if you do like it!

This is cool, but she looks very musty, crusty, and dusty. A cleaner version should definitely be added to IF.


this is something I am looking forward too as it gives more meaning of flying into Seletar Airport in Singapore! Unfortunately, I Don’t have a vote to spare but I have support!