Firefighting DC-10, RJ-85 and More at Medford International

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On September 8th of this year, which if you’re seeing this on it’s first day posted, would’ve been yesterday, I went plane spotting at my home area’s largest airport: Medford Rogue Valley International. The air was warm, but since the sky was clear of smoke, I went to catch the 10-Tanker DC-10 that was running in and out of there that day. I’d also catch a number of other aircraft in the hour and a half I was there.

On to the photos…

1| N405QX getting pushed back and getting its engines going for a flight up to Seattle

2| The star of the show, N522AX, is starting up its engines!

3| N705SK arriving from Phoenix, Arizona

4| N522AX up nice and close for the camera, taxiing to runway 32 for takeoff to fight a fire near Goose Lake in the tippy top right corner of California. The spooling up and down of the engines sounded amazing.

5| N522AX launching out, after eating up so much runway. It’s be over an hour before i see it again

6| N285SY getting ready to taxi for a hop over to Salt Lake City

7| N705SK now being detached from the pushback vehicle for a return flight to Phoenix.

8| N635AC taxiing to runway 32, off to the same fire N522AX was going to. Speaking of the N522AX…

9| N522AX on short final for runway 32

10| N522AX crossing runway 32 to get to its parking area, to be turned around once more


Favorite photo or two?

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Videos of these aircraft will ~eventually~ be released here on MFR Plane Spotting

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Crazy to see how low to the ground the DC-10F is!


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I wonder if there were any instances where that height, or lack there of, from the ground has caused any issues in the past

Glad you thought the shots were great!

I like the new livery a lot more! So much more modern! Cool shots and aircraft!

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The new livery definitely looks much better than just the orange and white for sure!

Haven’t seen a BA “Avi” in years. Good to see the goose in service still!
10 Tanker new livery looks nice! The actual plane in IF!

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The RJ-85 a unique plane, four engines on a regional jet. The RJ-85’s predecessor, the BAe 146, can also be found fire fighting as well

Yep 10-Tanker is in IF, albeit the older livery, but it’s still there. You can even open the tank!