Fire stations on IF

I have noticed that most airfields on IF with 3D that they only have one fire station at the airport. In real life they have at least 2 or more.Daniel K Inouye has only 2 Fire stations (one is at hickam) In real life they have three Fire stations. the two Fire stations are by the terminals near aloha air cargo parking and the reef runway not counting the hickam Fire station will there be an update to include more Fire stations at proper locations and at Denver international the fire trucks are not even on tarmac. image|820x378

I also noticed that London Heathrow fire trucks are yellow. In reality they are red

This is the first time Infinite Flight implemented 3D buildings so things may not look the same in the game compared to real life but for sure in the future this would be fixed and improved :)

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Hey there! I’ll pass this on to the people who did those airports for you. Thanks for letting us know!


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