Fire at KMSY Leaves Terminal Flooded

An electrical fire at New Orleans International Airport leaves flooding and other damage to the 6-month-old terminal.

Kenner Fire Department responded to this incident after a call at around 6:30 central on April 1st.

The source of the fire was a third floor electrical room. The third floor at KMSY is home to the ticketing counters. Because of a faulty sprinkler system, the fire sprinklers were activated for the entire airport rather than just the third floor. 10,000 gallons of water was used. Floodwater is still standing in some parts of the airport, especially the baggage claim area on the first floor.

The third floor at KMSY.

Director of Communications of the New Orleans Aviation Board Erin Burns told WWLTV, a local media outlet, that there were no injuries and the fire suppression system “worked as intended.”

I interviewed an early morning TSA officer who showed up at 3:00 for work this morning. He said there was still smoke and burning coming from the third floor, and the fire suppression system “did more damage than the fire.”

The cause is still unknown as this is a developing story.


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Wow, I hope everyone is alright and the young, modern terminal gets repaired quickly and safely.

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Sort of upset about this. The city spent $1 Billion USD on this terminal instead of updating the old one and using the leftover money to fix these horrific street potholes we have, and now it’s going to spend more money on this.


Of all the times to close an airport though… 🤷🏻‍♂️

They chose a good day… 😂


And to add on to that, they closed down the old terminal instead of keeping it open to increase airport capacity.

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Those are the two words that you don’t usually hear in the same sentence. Fire. Flood.


Actually more so than you might think. Water damage is usually a significant part of the damage in fires, of course unless it’s like this where completely uninvolved parts of the structure are soaked its usually better than the alternative, but water damage almost always goes hand in hand with fire damage if the fire was put out…

But it does sound rather odd doesn’t it… 😂


Well, that’s not too cool. Hopefully they get it back in that great shape seen on the picture, but I am glad no one was hurt.


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